Over 20 years serving the Small to Mid Sized Business segment in Western Massachusetts has rendered a weatlth of insight on how to make Information Technology work for your business. Leverage that experience with a call today!

Information Technology today is one of the cornerstones of any business, and yet so often one of the weakest points. In an established business, it can take tremendous effort to sift through the layers of infrastructure which have been cobbled together over the years to find the root of any problem. Equally daunting is for the new start-up to determine what computer and network components they need most to bring peak efficiency quickly.

In either case, it takes knowledge to navigate the many pitfalls that may appear at the feet of the unsuspecting business owner. Information Technology is often thought of as an expense of doing business, and from the surface, it may seem that this is true. However, if your systems are not performing optimally, your workforce is wasting valuable time on tasks that have become tedious due to outdated technology. Outdated, outmoded computer hardware now becomes the drain-plug in your bottom line.

The NetWerks difference is founded on many years working with the Small to Mid-sized Business (SMB) segment. With a broad base of knowledge covering the major network platforms from Microsoft and Novell (as well as Linux), and an in depth understanding of the infrastructure needed to make it work together, NetWerks has your back.

In a perfect world, computer systems don't fail.

This is obviousy not a perfect world!

NetWerks strives to be pro-active, rather than reactive. By bringing a blend of new and tested technologies together, we take an innovative approach to our clients. Knowledge of how information systems must interact within the business framework is key to that systems stability. Our simple philosophy is: If you remain successful, then so too shall we.

FREE - Network health / needs analysis (Up to 2 hours, a $200 value). Are you experiencing connectivity problems? Printers not responding? Intermittent Internet connections? There could be a very simple answer, but without the expertise on staff to isolate the problem, your productivity will continue to suffer.




Or, is your organization planning on migrating to a new server or need to upgrade an existing application? Let us help you sort through the difference between "Minimum Requirements" and what will actually work best for your organization.

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