About Us:


NetWerks is a support provider specializing in the small to mid-sized business segment in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. With expertise in the delivery of desktop to data center support since 1988, your network needs will be in good hands. Whether your system is comprised of older legacy systems in need of an update, or current systems running the latest offerings from Microsoft or Suse, NetWerks can support you through the turbulaent waters of business networking.


If you are in need of network infrastructure services, including the update or installation of wired or wireless technologies; server virtualization or migration; storage system management; or desktop system support - let us partner with you.


Are you too small an organization to justify an in-house IT support professional, but need to have a more proactive approach to keeping your valuable IT assets properly maintained - Consider outsourcing your IT support under a managed support plan where systems are monitored routinely, updates are applied with as minimal impact to your workflow as possible, and your system security is kept up to date minimizing the threat of unauthorized access to your business data.


Are you uncertain of your level of disaster preparedness? Let us help you build a comprehensive disaster management plan, and set up regular testing guidelines to ensure that the plan will work when you need it.


This is only a small sample of the areas that NetWerks has been providing to customers since the early days of Personal Computers.


Contact us for a consultation visit to see how NetWerks can help with your IT needs.


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